If you are looking for accredited and certified service provider, you are looking at the right internet page! Carpet Cleaning Tooting Bec is a company, which background is long and full with numerous achievements in the branch. We follow our principles and traditions, which lead us to the success. We are the best in the area, because we are informed for the latest industry requirements and criteria. Thanks to our customer’s positive feedback and trust, we have managed to grow and better our services and client’s attendance.

Customer Satisfaction
Best Prices in Tooting Bec

Services we offer:

Professional Carpet Cleaning
Rug Cleaning
Sofa and Upholstery Cleaning
Mattress Cleaning
Curtains Cleaning
High Pressure Washing
Hard Floor Cleaning
Windows cleaning
Gutter Cleaning

Our starting Prices:

Carpet Cleaning
  • a Bedroom Carpet from £26
  • a Living Room Carpet from £29
  • hallway £12
  • 1 flight of stairs £25
  • a landing £6
Sofa and Upholstery Cleaning
  • Sofa by seat £10
  • Two-seat sofa £46
  • 1 dining char £6
  • 1 office chair £7
  • Fibre protection ‘Scotchgard’:
  • Per room £11
  • Sofa (per seat) £6
Curtain and Rug Cleaning
  • 1 pair short Curtains £26
  • 1 pair long Curtains £29
  • small rug from £14
  • big rug from £26
Mattress Cleaning
  • single mattress £19
  • double mattress £49
  • king size mattress £69
Other Services
  • High Pressure Cleaning from£1.99 per square meter
  • Hard floor Cleaning from - £2 per m2
  • Windows Cleaning from - £6 per window.
  • Gutter Cleaning from - £49

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From Our Clients

We were amazed at how good good the result was after the carpet cleaning with their professional machine. We are very satisfied.


Professional Carpet Cleaning in Tooting Bec

We are dedicated company and that is why we are one of the main leaders in the area with the highest results possible. Your desire to book a service with us made us all the more flexible! Now we are open seven days a week, even on holidays so we can help more people. There is no additional charge on top for that. You can choose between service starting in the morning or in the afternoon.

Of course this is possible only because of the hard work of our operatives. Our web site is well maintained by a group of great computer engineers, which are responsible for it to be up to date so you can have the latest disposal of the information about our organisation and work. Our office assistants work every day to help our customers with everything they need, they are fully informed and very competent to lead you through the booking process or to solve any problems you have. The technicians and cleaners of ours, are very experienced and posses the acknowledgement and expertise to perform the service on very high standard, safe and fast. The company’s management sets up different seminars and team buildings to keep them motivated to improve their performance and develop new cleaning techniques to do their work faster and more efficient.

We use only the latest machinery and tools, as well as strongest cleaning liquids. The chemicals that we use are laboratory tested and they are totally biodegradable and ecologically friendly, which makes them 100% harmless for our families and pets. The equipment is top of the line and the most powerful.

Another competitive corporate advantage is our low cost prices. We try to keep the most reasonable and affordable rates, which are within the means of every customer’s pocket!

You can use one of the contact methods to reach us (phone call, email or booking form). Our friendly customer representatives will give you the information you need and customize a quote just for you, based on your description and needs for free!

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